New regular classes will start again from September 2018

Thanks to everybody who came to our classes last season!
We will have a long holiday this Summer to focus our energy in other projects. From September 2018 we will start with new regular classes.
If you are interested in a trial class, please let us know you are interested. We will send you an invitation for the first class in September.
During the Summer period we will organise one or two special workshops. More information on this will come later!

For sure we teach in Brickhall September 7 in the evening.

Thank you!

2018 classes

Happy New Year!
Thank you everybody for enjoying the classes in 2017.
In 2018 we will continue with our weekly classes. In 2017 we have explored a different theme every month. In 2018 we will allow our selves more time to sink more deeply into the concepts and techniques. Through the year we will be able to enjoy our technical skills and create our own choreographies. Also improvisation will come back again.
Hopefully we will be with enough people to make a performance this year!


December classes - Pina Bausch

December 5-12-19-26

"Dance, dance... otherwise we are lost"

This month we dedicate our classes to the legacy of Pina Bausch and Tanztheater. For many years Pina Bausch made incredible beautiful dance theatre works in her own style. Her work consists of strong surreal images, often giving expression to male-female interaction and always very rich in emotions.

There is so much to say about it, but better to just see for your self:

November classes - Butoh dance

November (7-14-21-28)
Slowly the season is getting darker. Time for some introspection and digging into the fantastic inner world of Butoh dance. Butoh dance, Japanese avant-garde originated by Hijikata Tatsumi and Ohno Kazuo in 1959, as a protest to the American influence that was changing Japanese culture. Butoh rebelled against the notion of external beauty and delves into the darker shadow sides of the human being.
Butoh uses playful and grotesque imagery, taboo topics, extreme or absurd environments, and it is traditionally performed in white body makeup with slow hyper-controlled motion. However with time various styles have been created and one is often saying that there are as many styles of Butoh as there are Butoh dancers.
Personally I have been influenced a lot by Butoh dance. I have been especially trained in the methods of Tanaka Min. But also got classes from Murobushi Ko and Ohno Joshohito... The meditative slowness, the raging fastness, the higher states of consciousness, the honesty with your own shadow sides, the enormously rich imagination, the strong expressions... That is why I love Butoh dance. Even though I don't call my dance to be Butoh most of the time, under the skin it is pretty similar. And so it is with great pleasure to introduce you to the art of Japanese Butoh dance!

Here are Ohno Kazuo
Hijikata Tatsumi
 Sankai Juku:

And if you have time please look at all of this:

October classes - contact improvisation

October (3,10,17,24,31)
Contact Improvisation is a form of improvisation based on the communication between two moving bodies that are in physical contact.The body, in order to open to these sensations, learns to release excess muscular tension and abandon a certain quality of willfulness to experience the natural flow of movement. Practice includes rolling, falling, being upside down, following a physical point of contact, supporting and giving weight to a partner.

American dancer, choreographer Steve Paxton initially developed Contact Improvisation in 1972 bringing together many elements from Aikido and contemporary dance.

ワークショップスペシャル:多良岳の轟峡でのダンスインプロヴィゼーションクラス‼/workshop special: dance improvisation in Tara mountain waterfalls!




2 時間のダンス・ワークショップと そのほかたっぷりの遊びと休息の時間があるでしょう。



ワークショップ参加費: ¥2000

Sunday August 27 2017

Let's go to cool down in the paradise waterfalls of Tara-dake!

excursion time:
leaving Nagasaki at 9:00, coming back in the evening.
In case of thunderstorms, earthquakes or Tengu attacks:
probably it is best to to cancel.

2 hours workshop and lots of time to play and rest will be provided.

please bring enough to drink and eat for the whole day. We might go to restaurant on the way back.

let us know before Friday if you come with us via:

price: ¥2000

September classes - improvisation tools

September (5,12,19,26)
In September we will broaden our focus again on some more basic improvisation tools and techniques in dance. Slowly we will introduce working with the voice as well. Some techniques will help you create movements for yourself, other techniques help you to create group movements. We will introduce the concept of scores, in which we define movement improvisations with rules, like in games. At the end of the session we will have some time for open improvisation practice.

Through the last 70 years or so, more and more focus came on improvisation as an art by itself. More and more techniques and styles were developed. Throughout the year we will visit different techniques from different in influential improvisers. There are David Zambrano (passing through), Katie Duck (Amsterdam school), Steve Paxton (contact improvisation) Ruth Zaporah (action theater)
Simone Forti (Judgeton Church generation) In the future we will also pass the View points method, Authentic movement, Grotowski's drame reasearch, and more.

Here is one more video of the kind of things that might happen in our class.
Anna Halprin is one of the earliest (contemporary) improvisers, now at age 97, she is still teaching and dancing